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VIIII. The Hermit

Future and partner
You should give yourself time to think about yourself, you are dominated by the speed of what happens around you, without you realizing it. You have forgotten about you and your feelings. You have the support of your friends. Enjoy the time alone and that will help you discover what you really want, that you have not acquired yet. You will find profound love sooner than you think.
V. The High Priest

Sex and partner
You will live a moment of great harmony and warmth in sexual relations with your partner and you can show yourself with a paternalistic and protective attitude. You will be in a time during which you will have a tendency toward spirituality and to make major decisions. It is not recommended that you get involved with relationships outside of marriage these days, as relationship with one person these days is preferable. In case that you do not have a partner during this time, then it is a good time for you to start a search.
IIII. The emperor

Present and partner
You are surrounded by beings endowed with great power of persuasion that is dragged into their way of thinking; show them what you are really worth and do not let yourself get intimidated by them. Show your talent, your proposals will be taken into consideration. Put more effort into attaining an emotional relationship the way you want it and do not be ashamed to be the one to take the first step.
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During the passing of life we may face situations where we want to know about love in our future. Fortunately for us there are some special Tarot cards to learn about this particular subject.

Some of the most common queries in the love tarot refer to love in the future, or about doubts about the significant other, that is, whether the partner is being unfaithful or if they really feel something for us. The tarot of love is very useful to know about a situation at hand or where the relationship stands, which can be of great help to make important decisions.

It is advisable not to take love decisions lightly, because you run the risk of losing a valuable person.

This consultation of the Love Tarot that we offer can help you know more about your love situation in general. We will not give you details, so if you want to get a personalized tarot card reading, do not hesitate to contact us.

There are many aspects that influence the relationship, for example, zodiac signs, love and tastes. Try to stay calm during the card reading. It is important not to force things and above all, concentrate and be patient.