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Daily Horoscope
The moon and its influences.
Many people still do not give credit to the influence of the moon and its phases on earth and human activity, however this seems to be unquestionable if we take into account that achieves scientifically proven different aspects, such as affecting the sea ​​levels or behavior of psychiatric patients.

History on the influences of the phases of the moon.
Since ancient times it has been held the strength of the influences of the moon phases on different fields of human life, such as tides, crops and crops, among others, various ancient cultures have attributed located paternal character the sun and the moon maternal character, there are even those who believe that everything happens thanks to the moon.

Through the phases of the moon, we can say that reveals the universal laws, the law of the pendulum, the law of rhythm, law universal evolution and involution, which is completely divided into four periods that are known as the four phases of the moon, each of these phases is approximately seven days. Let's look at how each is and what are the influences of the moon phases in the life of man.

Influences of the phases of the moon.
• The first phase of the moon. The first phase is the new moon, this indicates that over the next seven days can make and launch different activities that are related to commercial purposes, partnerships, marriages, friendships, among others. A favorable phase to address health-related issues, especially on sick people.

• The second phase of the moon.
The second phase is the crescent moon, this is highly conducive for trips, sports activities, for beget children, especially for those who suffer fertility problems. This phase is also auspicious to start any activity, the ideal time to carry out the plans we have created during the new moon, you will notice how are you manage to take shape and develop almost giving us so mysterious a positive result when we least expect it.

• The third phase of the moon.
This phase corresponds to the full moon, this is often very dangerous and unstable and it is said that anything can happen during this lunar phase, for these reasons it is recommended to be very careful and cautious because humans are altered more of the ordinary during this phase.
This phase is the most appropriate to ask the help of the beings of light and life becoming east in an effective way guard against unexpected changes, but also to try to transcend and free from material bondage. this phase becomes very important in the spiritual life because through it succeed performed magic and spiritual activities effectively.

• The fourth phase of the moon.
The waning moon, ideal to throw off that which we are not interested or do not like in any area of ​​our lives, and is the ideal time to end the conflicts of the past and thereby find peace and wisdom through reflection.
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