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Daily Horoscope
Love in the 12 zodiac signs
How humans are in love?
The study of astrology includes performed as the feeling of love in the 12 signs, so that we can identify the characteristics and behaviors of human beings in love relationships.

The manifestation of love in the 12 signs.
• Aries: are idealistic and passionate, take the initiative and fight to conquer inhospitable terrain; knows light the fire and knows sense when your partner needs you therefore need a lover who is delivered without fear or measures.

• Taurus: the manifestation of love in the 12 signs Taurus is the most sensual, wants to enjoy his life, needing to be touched and caressed, loves provocative underwear, his concepts are simple and concrete ideas like, has kindnesses seductive, is tender and sweet.

• Gemini: is a dual sign is not always aligned, are twins in one body that does not always have to be the same way and the same feelings. Seduce your word but when the body is very intimate contact, emotional delivery has trouble.

• Cancer: governed by the moon is quite insecure and seek security in their partner, unconsciously looking for a safe, family love solid base and outdated beliefs. You like to tell you about situations when love crazy.

• Leo: for them the experience of love is fascinating nonetheless is the highest point of his speech. They governed the sun shine so need protection and light and the couple showing the King. Need of admiration and gratitude, gives more than it receives.

• Virgo: Virgo love is a mystery, just as afraid of this into it, does not tolerate what is not known for it really costs them fall in love, so you need to feel that the other is not a challenge. Virgo needs things scheduled and structured.

• Libra: amorous and gallant when they are in love, they need balance, harmony and tranquility and love to give them gifts and can be very physical response; care much to your partner, so much so that often sacrifice their own needs for family welfare.

• Scorpio: intense emotions that can not always put into practice, which attracts magnetic look who looks and lives with his sexuality intensity, however this may be less frequent than desired.

• Sagittarius: love is an adventure, nice and friendly, joking and smiling easily tolerate no compromise: your treasure is freedom, love is your refuge and nest like to add food to their sex play.

• Capricorn: take time, are bodily and passionate, value material security, are persevering, faithful, prudent, serious, ambitious and somewhat pessimistic.

• Aquarius: love complications surrounding the sexual encounter, are intellectual and ideological, not like to show their emotions. Attentive to the needs of others, speak their minds and hate predictability.

• Pisces: expect the other to take the first step, love and romance with words and stories eroticized. Delivered to passion. Amorous and mystical love in the 12 signs is very sensitive.
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