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Daily Horoscope
El signo ofiuco.
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We have taken into account that during the transit of the sun along the ecliptic, located between November 30 and December 17 for the Ophiuchus constellation, Ophiuchus the Serpent or. However, scholars of the zodiac, are not agreed on the validity of sign Ophiuchus.

If Ophiuchus will join the list of Horoscope, would be in the following order:
ARIES - April 21 to May 13.
TAURUS - May 14 to June 24.
GEMINI - June 25 to July 20.
CANCER - July 21 to August 19.
LEO - August 20 to September 14.
VIRGO - September 15 to October 31.
LIBRA - From 1 November to 21 November.
SCORPIO - November 22 to November 29.
OPHIUCHUS - From 30 November to 17 December.
SAGITTARIUS - December 18 to January 19.
CAPRICORN - January 20 to February 15.
AQUARIUS - February 16 to March 11.
PISCES - March 12 to April 20.

What are the professions of the people under the sign of Ophiuchus?
Ophiuchus ocupaĆ­a most of what was known as Sagittarius, under the influence of this sign are born many doctors, humanists, idealistic and adventurous people who want personal fulfillment, basically dreamers, however there are three different classes of people born under this sign, which we see are:
Those born between November 30 and December 2: dreamy and idealistic people, travelers who have a penchant for medical sciences, humanitarian, psychological or sports. Have excellent schools for teaching and spiritual issues, you can say that are people with little tendency to form family.

Those born between December 3 and December 12: financial traders and generally advantageous, but versatile agreements fall into this sign, emotional and tender people who get carried away by his feelings, then suffer for it; are attracted to puzzles and travel, great protectors. They often start many things but end few of them may be fishermen, sailors, diplomats, trade representatives and ahh! And environmental activists.

Those born between December 13 and December 17: the sign of marriage counselors; individualistas, stubborn, obstinate and uncompromising. Strong, tough, practical, methodical and organized, they are just tender and tend to be calculating in love, large passenger and personality that inspires confidence, the sign of teachers, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians.
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