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Aquarius Horoscope 2023
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Aquarius Horoscope 2023
Aquarius will start 2023 with some disappointments. The natives of this sign tend to surrender to those who appreciate but do not always receive the same in return. Someone in your close circle of friends betray you and this will cause you profound sadness. However, during the second quarter, they will recover emotionally and learn to think more about themselves and less about others.

This year will also be a year where Capricorns want to close outstanding issues, especially at the family level. There are wounds of the past that has avoided dealing with. However, during 2023 there will be a planetary influence that will force Aquarius people to face its past. They can be painful processes but by them, Aquarius will eventually forgive and release all the resentment that has accumulated over the years.

During the last three months of the year you will receive a very auspicious from Jupiter for long trips. It will be the ideal place for those who had been planning trips for years but never had been accomplished yet. Also during that trip is likely for Aquarius to know someone who will become a very important for the spiritual growth of the people of this sign.

The year 2023 will also be a very good year for intellectual progress. Persons wishing to go back to school, should this year, there will be everything for Aquarius so that he can not only finish the race but could also excel in their studies.

At work, they live from May some conflict situations within the work environment. The influence of Mars in Aquarius cause excessive sincerity that generates friction with bosses and coworkers. Intellectually will be bright and your work will be immaculate but if they fail to establish good relations with the group with which they work, their efforts will be not worth it. The key to success at work this year will be moderate.

They can be honest without being rude or aggressive. If they wound the susceptibility of people around them, they will never be able to ascend within their workplace.

In the field of health, Aquarius should be very careful with excesses, especially with food. During the first six months of the year, they tend to get fat. This will happen because they will channel all anxiety through food. Cholesterol problems and diabetes may also appear.

In the field of love, Aquarius men and women who are a couple will live a fairly quiet year. However, the natives of this sign should try not to neglect their partners and pay more attention.

Moreover, men and women of this sign who are alone will be highly favored during the second half of the year to find the right partner.
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