Do you feel like an attractive and seductive person in love?

Do you feel like an attractive and seductive person in love?

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Do you feel an attractive and seductive person in love?
Although many times we allow ourselves to be confused by the messages of advertising and social networks, being an attractive and seductive person is not reduced to a hegemonic beauty standard imposed by the fashion. Rather, it has much more to do with self-confidence, finding our style, and loving and accepting ourselves as we are.

We often compare ourselves and get frustrated because we feel like we're not enough. We disqualify ourselves and push ourselves to achieve a model of perfection that doesn't exist, instead of highlighting the best of ourselves and giving ourselves value. And it is that, in order to be liked by others, to be a seductive person, it is necessary that we first be comfortable with ourselves. Because that security and confidence are transmitted and are very attractive to those around us. The good news is that this confidence is something that is worked on and can be built day by day if it is not already part of your reality.

Understanding what image you have of yourself, how you treat yourself and what things you value about yourself is key to improving those aspects that you need to improve both physically and in your attitude when seducing. For that we invite you to complete this test that will help you to know how you see yourself and how you show yourself to others.