Are you afraid of committing to a serious and stable relationship?

Are you afraid of committing to a serious and stable relationship?

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Are you afraid of committing yourself in a serious and stable relationship?
The word “commitment” seems to be too big to talk about relationships these days. Because many people understand commitment as a loss of freedom, as a resignation. And although love should in no case mean ceasing to be an autonomous being, it is true that commitment implies concessions and adapting to the other in many ways.

Even if you've always dreamed of forever love and are looking for it, chances are you're also scared of taking the next step. And that for this reason you are dodging the issue or directly scaring away the chances of committing yourself through certain attitudes. It is not wrong to be unprepared, or to want a more liberal relationship. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and with the other person. To avoid wasting time or generating false expectations.

There are certain specific questions you can ask yourself to find out if you are afraid of commitment. And the answer in any case will be very useful to decide what type of relationship you want and how far you want to go with the person of your interest. In the following test we leave you the precise questions that will lead you to find out. And the answer may surprise you...