Is your current relationship in danger of ending?

Is your current relationship in danger of ending?

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Is your current relationship at risk of ending?
At the beginning of every relationship there seems to be no problems or defects and we are in a state of total harmony. However, with the passage of time the defects of each one are revealed, the differences and the typical frictions of any bond begin. Some wear and tear and moments of crisis are normal and inevitable in a couple that has been around for a while. But sometimes the disagreements are more persistent and serious and it is difficult for us to assume it.

It is not about moving forward because one day we chose that person, but rather it is about continuing to choose them every day. For the common projects, for the shared values and because despite the daily differences there is a camaraderie and a respect that we would not change for anything else. When the fundamentals exist between the two, problems can be faced and resolved.

Are there difficulties in your relationship? And if so, how are they coping? These questions are key to knowing if the relationship is solid or if things are happening that you don't want to put on the table. The test that follows asks you a series of questions to help you determine where your relationship is at right now.