Do you have enough confidence with your current partner?

Do you have enough confidence with your current partner?

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Do you have enough trust with your current partner?
Trust is one of the keys in any relationship and a fundamental requirement for a couple to last over time. We can say that there are many couples in which mistrust is the rule, but these are toxic relationships and have nothing to do with a healthy bond.

Between two people who love each other, the word has value: It is not necessary to control the other and freedom is the rule that both share. With many options available, we choose someone and that someone chooses us. And from that certainty we travel the bond in a relaxed and confident way. That does not mean that we will never feel jealousy because this is something human. But jealousy is an episode that can be discussed, minimized, and put aside without major problems.

When that jealousy becomes unhealthy, mistrust is present all the time and there is a need in the couple to watch and control, is where the alarm bells should start ringing. Because a relationship where distrust prevails is not healthy for any of its members. And sooner or later it ends in inevitable wear and tear. To assess the level of trust that exists in your current relationship, we invite you to take the following test.