Are you able to keep the fire alive in your relationship?

Are you able to keep the fire alive in your relationship?

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Are you able to keep the fire of your relationship alive?
Love comes into our lives like an arrow, like a true gust that suddenly ignites in our hearts and changes everything. When that love is reciprocated, it becomes a real privilege, a gift. Which we hope will last forever, intact.

But what many people do not understand is that this love from the beginning must be kept alive with concrete actions if we want it to last over time. And that 'keep it alive' implies, among other things, work, dedication, creativity and daring. Because life is not rosy for anyone and to sustain a stable relationship in this world we live in we have to be able to reinvent ourselves and reinvent the bond.

We suggest you review your attitudes within the relationship. To know if you are feeding that flame or if, on the contrary, you are helping it to go out a little more each day. To do this, you must answer each of the questions honestly. And at the end of the test you will find a conclusion that will help you reflect on the direction you are giving to your relationship. And to improve those details that will make your love one of those endless stories.