Do you think you are a good friendship with the people who love you?

Do you think you are a good friendship with the people who love you?

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Do you think you are a good friend with the people who love you?
Friendship is one of the main gifts we can receive in life. When someone calls us 'friend' they are giving us their love, their unconditional support and their words of encouragement at the worst moments. Having friends means we'll never be alone to grieve or celebrate life's joys.

But not all people properly value friendship. While some only turn to friends in moments of grief and then forget the value of that relationship, others will experience envy and suspicion when a friend triumphs or spreads wings to make their way through life. For this reason, when we find a sincere and loyal friend, we must take care of him and value him for what he is: an authentic jewel.

One of the most important values you can have as a person is to be a good friend to your friends. In giving them due importance. In accompanying them whether or not you agree with their decisions. In knowing how to listen in silence when they only ask you for your role as a confidant. To tell the truth when no one dares. Are you that kind of person with your friends? Can you show how much you love them? The following test will help you find out. Answer all the questions to the end and you will receive an answer about yourself as a friend.